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One of the concerts that I have attended was One Direction’s. One direction was formed by a group of boys from London in 2010. These young men were also known as Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson. The band started off from a British talent show on television called the X Factor. During the audition, the boys were eliminated as individuals, but Simon Cowell saw great potential in these young men as a group. He decided to make it happen by giving them another chance to perform together, and indeed they became famous ever since the formation of the English-Irish boy band One Direction.

On the 13th of September last year, I attended their Where We Are tour. It took place in Rose Bowl, Pasadena. The concert started a few minutes after the given starting time which was 7:00pm. I did not mind because everyone in the stadium was chanting the One Direction name, screaming, and lights filled every corner of the stadium. Just being in the same location as the One Direction made me feel content. Everyone was filled with contagious energy. I was too happy to even care about the concert starting a few minutes late. One Direction came out a few minutes later and I just knew right then and there that this concert would be worth it.

They performed five of my favorite songs. On their setlist were “Little Things” by Ed Sheeran and Fiona Bevan and “Change My Mind” composed by Savan Kotecha, Rami Yacoub, and Carl Anthony Falk. On their encore list were “You & I” by Julian Bunetta, Jamie Scott, and John Ryan, “Story of My Life” by Jamie Scott, Julian Bunetta, John Ryan, and the One Direction members, and “Best Song Ever” by Wayne Hector, John Ryan, Ed Drewett, Julian Bunetta. First song I would like to cri...

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... mine”. Despite the connection I have with the song, I feel that the performance was below average overall because they really lacked stage presence and consistency. I understand that it is a slower song compared to the others in the main setlist, however, even if the pace of the song is slow, the performer must still maintain a balance between energy and chemistry with the audience which they failed to do so. Towards the end, Zayn’s falsetto during his ad-libs in the bridge section made up for the flat notes sung by the group earlier. He has always been the strongest soloist. I also admired the floating platform they used to float above the audience for this song because it changes our perception. I looked up to them physically just as I looked up to them emotionally. It was definitely a good experience. I truly cannot wait to attend another concert of theirs.

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