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2. The case- Introduction In this assignment, there is presented a critical evaluation of the marketing mix of Olympia Electronics, a Greek company that is activated in the sector of electronic safety and security systems and the analysis, based on the 4Ps, is focused on a specific product, the luminaire GR-2000 in the Greek market. 2.1 Olympia Electronics- Company Presentation Olympia Electronics is a Greek company founded in 1979 and is active in developing innovative electronic safety and security systems by using state of the art technology and is the dominant Greek enterprise in the safety and security industry. The company employs 165 people and the 10% of them are part of the Research and Development department. Olympia Electronics'…show more content…
Figure 3.1: The luminaire GR-2000 First of all, this luminaire has a very thin profile (according to its manufacturer is the thinnest in the world) and uses LEDs instead of fluorescent lamps. The user has the ability to change function from maintained to non- maintained or vice versa, whenever desired. Figure 3.2: The design of GR-2000 The product has a light sensor to select the activate it or not, when it is connected to the mains power supply, if there is adequate lighting in the area. It has high autonomy, up to seven hours, it is self- testing and also it is easy in installation. There is a remote control accompanying in order to control dimming and other functions. The luminaire GR-2000 has a color packaging with all the product details written on it and it is available in 2 colors. This is the first attempt of Olympia Electronics to design a luminaire in more than one colors, usually the luminaires’ moulds that produces have only one color. In this case the customers have the opportunity to chose between 3 colors for the spare parts of the product: silver, gold and white, which are enclosed in the product’s

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