Of The Truth In 'Oedipus Tyrannus And Incidences'

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The truth can unleash many emotions. In both of the stories, the characters are hunting for the truth. However, one story ends in tragedy while in the other story ends with sense of healing. In Oedipus Tyrannus, Oedipus searches to learn who killed the previous king where he ends up learning about his origins that leads his life to go downhill. Meanwhile, in the film “Incidences”, the characters learn more about their family history and the reason for the letters that leads to forgiveness. Throughout both stories, the characters are faced with obstacles that test how bad they’re willing to uncover the truth. In the first story Oedipus Tyrannus is on a mission to learn who killed the previous king due to the plague happening in his city but…show more content…
For instance, Jeanne and Simon leave to the Middle East to learn more about their mother but also to complete their mother's last wishes. As Jeanne and Simon are venturing through their journey, they look for their brother and their dad to learn more about them but they also soon realize that they is also the same person. First, when the siblings visit the nurse who delivered the kids for their mom she explains that she had twins which means the person who raped their mother is their father. As they continue to look for their father, the people who captured Nihad orphanage tell Simon that Nihad is indeed the same person who is their father as well. Simon tells his sister by saying “1+1=1” and she too figures out that her brother was the one who raped their mother. However, after discovering the truth about Nihad they decided to deliver the letters and move on with their lives. Despite learning this truth, the twins are able to heal and get better understanding on why there mother was the way she was. Another example in this film is when Nawal recognizes that her torturer from prison is her son. It was after she was released from prison and in Canada at a pool when she sees someone with same tattoos that her son has. She stops and looks at the man and realizes that it’s the same man that tormented her in prison and is shocked. Despite this, Nawal is able to for Nawal is able…show more content…
In Oedipus case, it caused him to become blind and lose his mother after learning the truth too late that he was the one the who killed his father. In addition, Oedipus was also arrogant because he believed to highly of himself and wouldn’t think someone as prominent as him would do such a thing which hindered his hindsight in the situation. On the other hand, in the film Incendies, the characters learn that Nihad is the one who tortured and raped their mom but they still decided to forgive his actions and continue on with their everyday
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