Of Nightingales That Weep by Katherine Paterson

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Of Nightingales That Weep

Chapter 1

This chapter is about Takiko and her first family home. It tells a lot about her family. They talk about the war In this chapter also. Takiko’s mother decides that she will remarry after her father dies. Takiko’s finds out that her father is died.

Chapter 2

This chapter the book tells about Goro who is Takiko’s stepfather. Takiko finds out that Goro is a injured man. She thinks it will be very hard to live with Goro because of his problem.

Chapter 3

This chapter tells about Takiko living with Goro for a few months now. It tells how the family has a party for the new year, and they hope that the family will work out.

Chapter 4

This chapter is about the child that Takiko’s mother has. She has the baby with Goro. This is when Takiko thinks about her future and she wants to leave the farm and go on into the city and start a new life there.

Chapter 5

This chapter is about when Takiko starts her new free life in the capital. She finds a job with the Emperor and makes money to survive on. The job is that she is a servant for the Emperor. She also plays as a musician playing her Kyoto.

Chapter 6

In this chapter Takiko plays the Kyoto in from of a large audience that gathered just to here her play on it. This is a trial or a test to see if she belongs at the capital.

Chapter 7

In this chapter a war becomes abrupt into the capital, and it forces everyone to leave. Takiko’s mother hears about it and tells her husband t...

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