Occupations and Industries in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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I am researching the industries, and occupations performed during 1930 in New Orleans, Louisiana and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Census data is used from district one of both areas and further research details how diverse each district is pertaining to origin of birth of individuals collected in the census data. Comparing the two regions will marginally depict which industries and occupations arose prominent and clarify their popularity. My father’s origin is from Pittsburgh and my mom’s origin is from New Orleans. Conducting this research will provide possible insight on how my ancestor’s environment balanced with the influence and development of 1930. Discovering each region's diverse background and its effect on industries thriving during 1930, will provide a glance into history and divulge how my ancestors could have lived. I believe Pittsburgh will reveal a development in manufacturing influences because of Industrial Revolution and World War 1 remnants situated in the northern extent of the U.S. However, the Ohio River flows through Pittsburgh and World War 1 concluded around ten years before the interval I am investigating. There is a possibility supplementary concentration will spotlight natural resources around the area. Since a sizable volume of water nearly surrounds New Orleans, I imagine boating and other water-based industries will be prevalent throughout the census data. I also expect Louisiana will bare less variety amongst its population concerning the ethnicity than Pittsburgh because southern states historically show increased accounts of racism. Pennsylvania is a northern state and foreign cultures generally fixated attention to these areas due to the wide-ranging job market in the twentieth century. Thr... ... middle of paper ... ...blooming mill.” With New Orleans having minimal diversity among its community, less variation would occur. Marie Dunn discusses Lynn Smith and Homer Hitt’s 1952 excerpt on Louisiana’s population development. They discuss when Louisiana was first settled, the French descent dominated the area and how later on the Louisiana French still constitute a vast majority of the state’s population. Dunn moreover explains, “In both sections of the state, there is, as might be expected, some diversity in the type of homes to be found, but general observation indicates that the diversity is much greater in the northern than in the southern area.” Multiple cultures present in one area create homes varying in style and structural design due to individual’s personal and cultural preference. This could enlighten why this district showed minimal diversity in origin of birth.

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