Observation of Chicago: Home: A City of Commerce and Industry

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Chicago: Home: A City of Commerce and Industry

The place chosen for this study was Chicago. I chose to observe the Willis Tower, also known as the Sears Tower, at the center of the city at 233 South Wacker Drive. This is the specific given address for the building itself. The general area is known as the “Loop”. This is the absolute location that pinpoints it on the earth, and there are enormous buildings that surround it. The area is urban, and there are skyscrapers surrounding . The Sears tower is used for business, and so are the buildings around it. There are also many restaurants and other things to visit in the area. The Sears tower is the most noticeable building downtown because of its height, and it is well known around the world. It is a skyscraper surrounded by skyscrapers, making it one of the world’s major cities.

The economic systems based on characteristics and location within the world market are represented by all the buildings in the “Loop” area. The city has an absolute location, and in this case the Sears building is the focus of observation, as well as buildings surrounding it. The Sears tower also has a relative location. This is a place it holds in respect to other locations. For example, the Sears tower has a relative location, in that it has a location within the economic system based on its characteristics and location within the world market. The businesses that surround it are part of this relative location. The landscape, the things that appear vertically around the Sears Tower, are skyscrapers that also conduct commerce and industry. There are street signs at the intersections, restaurants, and constant movement in the area. Of particular importance would be the Chicago Board of T...

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...mplishment that it is an attraction in itself that people want to visit and experience, making tourism another factor in what makes the city run.

Chicago is home to those of us born or raised in the bustling and heavily occupied streets of the city. It is identifiable to many generations by the Sears Tower, (Willis Building) which is distinctive. The trains, busses, and constant traffic also make this city one of movement, and communications. It is home because it provides endless opportunity while valuing architecture and growth. It holds culture in the food, commerce, and arts that it provides. It is a spectacular city, built on a lake that makes its human imprinting even more astounding in terms of accomplishment. This is what makes Chicago a landmark city, and home for me, personally.

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