Obesity and Fast Food Restaurants

Fast food restaurants have taken over the world. Everywhere you look there are advertisements for the next cheapest meal, but how could something so unhealthy be so popular? Of course it’s the taste we love, but we must get past the taste and the prices and look at ourselves and our health. How could we be so blind to the effects? Twenty five million Americans have diabetes and one of the main factors of this is fast food restaurants. Three hundred thousand people die annually from diabetes because people succumb to the unfulfilling diet of fast foods. Burger King, one fast food restaurant that is very popular globally, is an example of the causes of health risks. A culprit of this imbalance of diet in humans is Burger King since the foods they make do not fulfill the nutrients needed in our bodies. This means that if we get rid of this culprit, we can take more steps to healthier diets which will open doors for more improvements.
The main issue with Burger King is that the products they make do not satisfy our body’s needs. The contents in Burger Kings food are unhealthy and it puts you at risk for health problems due to the high amount of fat, cholesterol and sodium (Appleby). If someone were to eat Burger King daily they would begin to gain excess body fat, suffer from blocked arteries and they would develop high blood pressure (Appleby). This is shown in Fit 2 Fat 2 Fit where Drew Manning, a personal trainer through NASM, decided to eat unhealthy foods, such as Burger Kings, for six months and then show how to lose all those pounds afterwards (Manning). He had done this in order to show how it is possible to get back into shape after eating foods that only negatively affect the body. He documented his experiment with pictures...

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...e 1970’s due to this. The only thing these restaurants, such as Burger King, is providing is health problems and the underdevelopment of people as they don’t receive the amount of nutrients they need or the excess nutrients of the things they don’t need. A quote from Schlosser was, “Twenty years ago, teenage boys in the United States drank twice as much milk as soda, now they drink twice as much soda as milk.” This shows how we have gone down a path of unhealthy diets that leads to diseases and cancers. If we were to get rid of Burger King, people would begin to eat healthier foods or they would start to cook on their own, but we cannot only get rid of fast food restaurants. There should be better restaurants created that serves healthy foods with the nutrients that our bodies are not getting such as omega, the number one nutrient that we need but do not receive.

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