Obesity: A Blame Games

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Obesity has become an epidemic that has evaded the proper public informing. It is a lifestyle choice not a disease. It has become a huge issue in America and is one of the most difficult public health problems the United States has ever faced. It is unlike any classic disease or plague that is caused by a deadly viruses or bacteria chain. It cannot simply be treated by a vaccine and there are not many promising medical treatments that have become known to the public. While it is blamed on genetics in most part or other health problems it seems that obesity will never be faced or stepped up to as a genral problem because it is something that can be prevented, with motivation people can control what they decide to put into their mouths and when they should get up and exercise. Though society has made it a point to make obesity seem like a social norm, it is plaguing people with an unhealthy lifestyle ideal. It is not a disease or a deadly plague, but mainly just a public health problem being labeled as a deadly epidemic that can be the cause of many other health issues such as diabetes...
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