Nutritious School Lunches Essay

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The Necessity of Nutritious School Lunches Mental and physical wellbeing are known to directly affect one another . Therefore, if a school’s obligation to its students is to provide a quality education for all, then it would naturally make sense to provide quality nutrition as well. This has led to a discussion on the necessity of nutritional lunches provided by schools. Many see the need for healthy nutrition throughout the school day. However, there is evidence that shows that school children often throw away nutritious food due to its unappealing nature. Despite this, it is the school’s responsibility to provide a nutritious lunch to school children. Providing a nutritious lunch is shown to improve students’ academic performance and to…show more content…
From the ages of five to eighteen years old, the school is the main environment that students are in. Especially throughout the adolescent years, a monumental time in growth and development of personal values, a student’s environment, in this case the school, is a large factor affecting the values and habits that student develops for the rest of his or her life. Another environment with significant causes to students’ mindset as a whole is the entertainment industry. Companies over-advertise greasy and unhealthy foods and school children are extremely susceptible to their influence. Schools need to step up as a positive example in the students’ lives because “Schools are a critical part of the social environment… and can therefore play a large role in helping improve [students’] diet” (Health Guidelines). It is unequivocally vital to understand that even though a child may not eat unhealthy school lunches, the fact that schools established a social norm for serving nutritionally insufficient meals is enough to negatively impact that student’s views on nutrition. Furthermore, the current state of nutrition that school students are getting provides irrefutable evidence that positive influence on students’ nutritional habits is critical. A study from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that “Children and adolescents consume too much fat, saturated fat, and…show more content…
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