Nurses' Attitudes Toward Obese Patients

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“Obesity is a global public health problem affecting not only developed countries but developing countries as well” (Poon & Tarrant, 2009, p. 2355). In the Asian culture, obesity has not been an issue of concern until recent statistics indicate that of the one billion plus obese individuals worldwide, one-fifth are from the Asian decent (Poon & Tarrant, 2009). As the rise of obesity occurs, so does the level of concern for patient satisfaction. Prejudice and discrimination occurs within all levels of society even the healthcare setting and the goal of this study is to display how often this truly occurs (Poon & Tarrant, 2009).

Significance of the Problem

The escalating rates of obesity are taking a devastating toll on the Asian culture (Poon & Tarrant, 2009). Individuals who are suffering from obesity are now experiencing co-morbidities. Cardiovascular disease, Diabetes, and hypertension are just a few disorders that have substantially higher rates forcing individuals to seek medical attention. Studies have shown that in Hong Kong, there is sufficient evidence that morbidly obese individuals carry such stigma that these individuals tend to not go outside and seek medical attention in fear of being ridiculed (Poon & Tarrant, 2009). This information alarmed the student nurse and provided the urge to research how prevalent negative attitudes toward obese patients are.

The reason the topic was chosen was to express the need for change. When one is providing care, despite the amount of experience, the passion found in assisting an individual in a time of need should mean everything. If anything below satisfactory is felt, than the quality of care being delivered can be compromised. Making aware the negative feelings and educating...

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...credited nursing programs, to ensure adequate care levels. It is important to educate nurses and staff who are in direct contact with obese patients on the proper protocol. With adequate education regarding obese patients, the overweight population may seek medical attention with satisfaction and ease. Overall, the research was straightforward and well explained.

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