Impact of Obesity on Self-confidence and Self-esteem

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Over the last decade children and adults, in the United States, have been gaining more and more weight. Obesity is rapidly becoming an epidemic in our youngsters' lives. Whether it's all the fast food or lack of exercise, adults and especially children are heavier than ever. This increase in the national girth is giving way to such debilitating and chronic disease diabetes, joint and muscle ailments, and even heart disease. Beside that, there is a result from statistic says that disability due to obesity-related type 2 diabetes will increase particularly in industrializing countries, as insulin supply is usually insufficient in industrialized countries. To anyone delivering health care to adults in the United States, the impact of obesity on physical and emotional health is obvious. Because of the trend of the beauty or values has changed, people think that obese people as another type of people, like blocking them out and stuff like this; on this paper I am going to talk about how do they think about themselves and how obesity affect their daily life. Being over weight is not a crime. People have often talked about people who are being fat, and thinking of them as an alien or even a freak. Obese people are just the same as you and me. All of us think the same, there is some stuff that we cannot change, and all we could do is to just live with it. Obese people cannot live their lives worry about what people think about them, they just live normal. Obese people are like g...

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