Nt1330 Unit 3 Summary

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• The Web Developer reviewed the TSM failed backup reports. All is normal. • The Web Developer cleaned up 1.6 G bytes of space on the C:\ drive of development server EGTN-WDSDV-SQL1. Additionally, 2.5 G bytes of old files were cleaned from EGTN-DMZ-SQL-01 production server. • The Web Developer performed server maintenance and checks for all 6 WDS servers. • The Web Developer updated the server information chart with the server MAC addresses, IP addresses, server name and specifications. This was securely shared with Mark Oliver so his listings will also be up to date. • The Web Developer reviewed and documented the WDS Server vulnerabilities. 3 new critical vulnerabilities are the same as 3 last week except on different servers. Plugin 96982 concerning SMB version 1 (Server Messaging Block) is the issue. Again EGTN-WDSSQL-01 had to be rebooted to remedy a high vulnerability and allow a Sunday patch installation to complete. •…show more content…
The remedy was quickly applied to these servers by AHE. • The Web Developer followed up on an outstanding ticket # RITM0150957 that addressed plugin# 42873, SSL Medium Strength Cipher Suites Supported on a WDS servers. AHE responded that BigFix has a fix and it is being implemented. The ticket was closed on February 13. The Sunday vulnerability scan will confirm is the applied remedy was
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