Nt1310 Unit 3 Assignment 1

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1. Mrs. Holly can send an e-mail to the students' parents informing them of the incident. This will allow the parents to be aware of what their child is doing while on the computers. Additionally, it allows the parents to talk to their child about the importance of being kind to others. 2. These tools give Mrs. Holly the opportunity to have students research and explore what bullying is on social media. It also allows the teacher to send out information to all parents about speaking to them about bullying and why it is important to not bully others. 3. Being aware of the students who have broken Mrs. Holly digital etiquette rules allows her to review the rules to all the students. It also gives her the opportunity to pull the students aside and have them explain to her why her rules are important. After witnessing this behavior, Mrs. Holly will have the shut down their computer and have them continue their assignments with a pencil and paper. 4. Mrs. Holly allowed her students to explore different…show more content…
Having students find information and sharing ideas and information with other students helped the students learn new techniques and ideas from their peers. Even though Mrs. Holly witnesses students bullying other students. She can still have those student use digital literacy skills to talk to the classroom about bullying and why bullying is not acceptable behavior. 6. Bullying is appearing more in schools. Because Mrs. Holly is aware of what bullying is, she is able to explain it to the students. Making them aware of their actions and how they could be affecting the student they are making fun of. 7. Mrs. Holly can explain to the students who are bullying that there are different forms of bullying. Bullying can really hurt the other student's feelings. I have found that a lot of students are unaware of how their actions may affect the students they are bullying. This gives Mrs. Holly an opportunity to show them and hopefully make a difference in their
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