Nt1310 Unit 1

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1. Discuss the roles of host, network, and routers in the internet? ROLES OF HOST IN INTERNET: A system host is a pc or other gadget joined with a pc system. A system host is a system hub that is allocated a system layer host address. A system host may offer data assets,administration and application to clients or different hubs on the system.If we want to access to the network there will be an IP address and it varies from one to one computer. The locations are arranged either physically by an overseer,naturally at start-up by method for the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) or other autoconfiguration methods. Each network host has a physical network device and each system host is a physical system hub.system has t an interest…show more content…
Where as Metropolitan Area Network are used over big cities and towns, where more business places.Wide Area Network are names as WAN and they are connected over a large network area. ROLES OF ROUTERS IN INTERNET: Router is an electronic device that connects different devices using different packets, routers can optimize application availability it improves employee productivity.It provides security for the users without misusing it.There are different algorithms used to plot routes can use the top most path for each transmission.Routers use the packets, when packets are received at a router, the router opens it. Routers are used every where such as they are used in home,office,business organisations.Router are software or hardware based, they switches 3 layers to support various protocols beside IP.They will be connected in different kinds of network to form internetworks.This ability provides communications to various links which provides business application
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