Noah Webster, A Man Who Loved Words by Elaine Cunningham

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The book I read was "Noah Webster, A Man Who Loved Words." It was written by Elaine Cunningham. The book has twelve chapters. The book has 176 pages in it. This book is a very good book. I would recommend it to anyone my age. The book was kind of sad also. In the beginning of the story, Noah is five. He was always eager to learn. Noah could not wait to learn. When he could go to school, he was so excited. One thing that was upsetting to Noah was that the older boys could only go to school during the cold seasons. On the first day of school, Noah was expecting to learn to read. They didn't, so Noah was upset. Once Noah was ten, he had to work on the farm. By then, Noah knew how to read and write. Noah read the books he borrowed from the priests. When Noah was fifteen, he went to college. He was really excited because there were teachers to meet, books to read, and lessons to learn. Noah was going to go to Yale University. The day he finally left, Noah was sad about leaving his family. His father helped him unpack. Noah's roommate was Oliver Walcott. In June of 1776, Noah got a letter from his father saying that there was going to be declaration of independence for the country from Great Britain. The letter also said there was going to be war. For the second year of college everyone was talking about the war. Noah wanted to help fight the British. A few days later, Noah got really sick. Noah had smallpox. Luckily, Noah got better really soon. In 1778, 21 year-old Noah graduated from college. Noah wanted to be a lawyer but he had no money or a job. Finally, Noah applied to be a teacher for the winter terms. His students loved him dearly. He enjoyed teaching. Noah promised a spelling book for his students. Still the students worked hard to please their school master. By 1781 Noah was a junior esquire attorney at law. He studied and studied. All that studying helped Noah. He mastered all the law books in his friend's library.

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