The Story Of Noah

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The phrase “Biblically Inspired” makes people believe that the movie will be the same as the story in the Bible, when, upon examination, the movie is found to contain little from the Bible. Therefore, Noah creates an unrealistic expectation of the Bible, creating an entirely alternative story, hiding the lies behind the “Biblically inspired” phrase.
So what sort of false reality of the Bible does Noah create, exactly? Well, the film represents the story of Noah, which is a significant story to the Christian faith, as a hate-filled, selfish, and magical story, and also makes the God of Noah’s story seem disconnected from His creation. For example, in Noah, Noah and his family spend a great deal of their time angry with one another,
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To start off, the Watchers, Tubal-cain, Ila, and Methuselah are never mentioned in the Bible, so all the negativity in the movie that is associated with them is not in the Bible story. In addition, Noah doesn’t try or fail to find wives for his sons in the biblical account because they are already married, and nobody else but Noah, his wife, his sons, and his sons’ wives make it onto the ark. The Bible also doesn’t say the animals were put to sleep once they got onto the art, nor that Ham abandoned his kin once the art came to rest. Furthermore, the Noah film…show more content…
To say that misrepresenting one group such as Christianity is tolerable, but misrepresenting a minority group is outrageous, is to play favoritism towards the group you see as more important. To have true equality, all groups must be properly recognized, and misconceptions of Christianity brought about by Noah and other movies like it are not acceptable, even though Christianity is a majority group.
It is crucial that we try our best to develop well-informed, respecting views of all peoples, Christians included. The way the makers of Noah defeated the purpose of the biblical Noah story by turning it into a gory, hate-filled film was utterly impertinent of them. An inconsiderate action like this could easily affect the American society. Pew Research says that 33% of Americans, including Christians, are already denying that the Holy Scripture is the Word of God, which used to be a fundamental belief of Christianity (“Religious Landscape Study”). We can’t say that inaccurate biblical movies are to blame for all negative trends and views associated with Christianity, but we also can’t deny that they do affect it. Media is a powerful force; it can change the opinions of an entire nation. Especially in this age, the effect is larger than ever as American media spreads throughout the world. Therefore, the urgency for realistic, accurate presentations of every topic and view is at an all-time high. Most media is made to convince or sell an idea or
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