No One Knew

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I dared not make a sound as I hid behind the dusty, diminutive dresser watching the events play before my eyes. He roamed the room still unaware of my hiding spot. How long would this go on for? No one knew. I sat on the hot tiled floor wanting to scream and run, but there was no chance that I’d get out of this living hell in one piece. I watched him push aside chairs as he moved closer and closer to the very dresser I was hiding behind. Right as he reached to shove it aside, sure to reveal me in my terrified stance, I caught a flicker of movement just outside the door. He had too since he immediately pulled away from the dresser and briskly headed out the door bewildered since he was so sure he had seen me rush into this room, but no other living being was in the building so he assured himself that he had been mistaken. With him gone for now I could finally breathe properly and tried very unsuccessfully to calm my nerves down with a breathing exercise I used before every quiz, test, or exam. “Breathe in breathe out in out in out.” I chanted with no more volume then a whisper. A few minutes passed by with no sign of his return. I though back to a few hours ago when my curiosity, which was of any average fifteen year old girl, got me into this whole fiasco in the first place. * * * I was out for my evening jog around the block, today without my father, since he had to stay late at his office. So in a very long time my thirteen year old brother and I were left home alone for the evening since the death of our mother. My mother had passed away two years ago due to Breast Cancer and it was only on very rare occasions that my father was not home to attend to our every needs. Cameron was being a dweeb as usual and was ... ... middle of paper ... ...ut found no signs of Mr. James or the stranger in sight. But I was met with the horrendous cadaver of Mr. James at the end of the staircase. Next thing I knew I was laying on the floor beside him with blood oozing from my slender neck staring into the faces of the Johnson twins. Everything went dark, my life flashed before my eyes and I was not pleased with what I saw. I had judged the world with tainted eyes. Yet I slowly made my way up to heaven and took a seat beside my mother. * * * The following day the police was called by my father who was concerned about my whereabouts. probing they found no culprit, only the corpses of Margie, Mr. James, and me untouched after the Johnsons fled to find themselves a new set of victims in another part of town. What they wanted? Why they did this? No one knew.

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