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John Wayne Gacy, a serial killer from Chicago, Illinois, was convicted of the rape and murder of 33 boys and young men. Known as the Killer Clown, because of his odd love of of entertaining children in a clown outfit.
In December 1978, a 15 year old boy named Robert Priest went missing. The boy was reported to be going to the local Pharmacy, According to the record Priest said something to his mother about how he wanted to go back home later because some contractor wants to talk to me about a job. After leaving home to meet with this man, the boy failed to return home. Upon being questioned, he owner of the pharmacy identified Gacy as the man the boy was referring to.
Upon review of Gacy’s record the police discovered that Gacy had previously served 18 months in prison on child molestation charges, though was released for good behavior. So they brought him in for questioning. Gacy began to confess. In the past Gacy’s neighbors had complained of an awful smell around the man’s house, and soon police discovered why. As the floor of the house was taken up, remains were discovered in various states of decay, and more corpses were pulled from a local river. When the bones were confirmed to be human, forensic anthropologists Charles Warren and Clyde Snow were brought in to examine.
First they dug up an arm bone. Then in another corner of the crawl space, they found a kneecap. They called the medical examiner to confirm that they'd unearthed human remains. A team of police officers began the excavation.
From the ground around and under the house they excavated twenty-nine separate bodies of young men of various states of decomposition. More where recovered from the river, and John Wayne Gacy was charged with first-degree murder. Th...

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...e images could be distributed in hopes of identifying the victims. Her first step in working with a skull was to establish the thickness of the skin, and for that, she glued eraser-type markers on it at various strategic points. Then she applied modeling clay in accordance with certain measurements, based on general data about facial anatomy. That gave her an idea of what the mouth and cheeks would have looked like. For the nose, if any slivers of cartilage remained, she arranged them to try to determine how large and what shape the nose had been. For this, she relied on racial characteristics. Then she inserted prosthetic eyes. If any hair had been found with the body, she used a wig of a seemingly appropriate color. Unfortunately this method did not work and some of the victims are still unnamed. John Wayne Gacy was convicted and executed on 10 May 1994.
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