Nitro Circus Work Flow Chart

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Propose Chart and work flow at the Boise hawks. The Boise Professional Baseball and Boise Hospitality and Food services are contributing company that produce live event at Memorial Stadium in Boise, Idaho. The Live event that are produced at the stadium are concerts, motorsports, baseball games, football games, weddings, and private parties. Each event has a process for step up and production. For example, in 2016, Memorial stadium hosted Travis Pastrana’s Nitro Circus. Nitro Circus is an extreme and motor sport show that includes both racing and jump trick segments of the show. This show featured two large Ramps, two large landing ramps, and a small oval track. This event took 2 days to setup and only 10 hours to take down. While the main…show more content…
This is a very complex and long transformation an area that I focus on as assistant operations director was the building of the dirt track in the shallow right field. To build the dirt track in the outfield the grass and the play surface must be protected to both offer a safe playing surface and to prevent costly repairs. To begin the build the nitro circus team laid plywood boards down so small 2-ton forklifts could move and place a protective plastic and floor. This protective floor cover more than a half of the field. While this floor was being place protective crash pads and other safety barricades where being moved in to place. As the barricades are being placed angled ramps for the turns are measured for desired outcome. As the crew is finishing the angled turns, dirt is brought in to fill the straightaways. The dirt is then shaped and moved with dirt moves, 4-wheel ATV and racks to flatten the track. Along the turn dirt is moved to position and then packed down with large rollers and vertical tamps. This dirt moving and leveling process is repeated 3 times to ensure a consistent and safe riding area. This riding areas needs to support both bicycles and motorcycles up to 4 riders at a time and up to 15 races in an
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