Night's Shadow

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Cold black fear wraps its unrelenting fingers around my heart, squeezing with the strength of death. Air is quickly transforming to lead in the stuffy closet as the search outside continues. A sullen drumming fills my ears pushing me back into my closet. Slamming my eyes shut, I clutch the little sticky note close to my chest and curl into a ball. Grandma’s words echo through my head, “Hide or they will kill you.” Her last sentence before forcing the note into my hand and pushing me into the closet will haunt me forever. I burrow deeper into the abyss of clothes until bumping into a small fury creature. It lets out a small protest before sinking claws into my flash. A sharp gasp escapes my throat and my arm flies up slamming to the wall. The pain is soon forgotten as I try to stifle my horror but it rolls over me in uncontrolled waves. Footsteps echo like an eerie greeting outside the door. They shuffle closer, so close to discovering me, only a door separates me from death. The steps slow as they come nearer to my place. The sound of a handle slowly twisting fills my ears like thunder. I barely stop the scream of terror from escaping my quivering lips. This was it. Death stares me in the eye and I cry like the tears will save me. “Ryan, Lord Aldean said to stop the search. King Jaegar has summoned us.” A mans gruff voice fills the dead air sending me jumping a few feet into the air. “I just have to check this last closet. I think something might be in there.” Another harsh voice answers from the spot by my door. So close. “All right but be quick the syncth says the princess is in the Rift. “ The other man’s heavy boot thuds fade away leaving the man to discover my hiding place. A thread of gloomy light slices its way a... ... middle of paper ... ...rfect fit. Why I follow these strange instructions I will never know. I look back at the paper; so far two of four steps have been completed. I grab the bag and the keys and move toward the mini cooper, the cat right on my heels. I unlock the door and allow the cat to jump in first before I slide in. I throw the satchel in the back and stick the key in the ignition. I go to hit the button to open the door to the real world and fear blindsides me. The men could still be outside! How could I have been so stupid to forget the men? If I move to slow the men could catch me. Determination fills my whole being and I prepare myself for my great escape. The car roars to life and I speed out as soon as the door is open just enough to slip under. A figure standing in the front yard blurs by me as I drive madly away. I don’t look behind me all the way to the middle of town.
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