Nicolaus Copernicus's Life and Work

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Nicolaus Copernicus was a polish astronomer and a cleric. At the age of ten his father died and his uncle took him in along with his brothers and sisters. His uncle wanted to make sure he had the best education possible. He went to three different Universities to learn math, science, law, medicine, and astronomy. A spot opened up in the church and his uncles connections got Copernicus the spot. He studied the Bible and became a priest like his uncle. With all of the income he was receiving it allowed him to not work and study the universe. He went on studying the solar system and it’s rotations. After spending twenty five years studying the earth and its rotation he came up with the theory that the sun is the center of the universe and that the earth rotates on an axis daily and all the other planets rotate around the sun. This theory became known as the heliocentric theory.

His discovery was later proven and he took the first evolutionary step to discovering more about the universe. After he had first came up with the theory he was hesitant to publishing it at first. He was worri...

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