Nicholas Carr, Is Google Making USupid?

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Out of all the controversial topics in the world today, one of the well-disputed arguments is the following: is technology taking over the world? Many people argue against this, claiming that the internet is responsible for many important contributions to the world. However, many agree that the internet is moving way too rapidly and constantly to maintain a functioning society. One individual that agrees with this claim is Nicholas Carr, and in his essay titled “Is Google Making Us Stupid?” he discusses this idea of the negative affect on the rapidly growing state of technology. I do agree that technology is very beneficial to the current state of the world; however, I find the growth to be much too rapid. In order to have a positively functioning society, we need to take a step back and enjoy what we have without attempting to achieve too much too quickly. The basic component to the structure of technology is the internet. It is available to virtually everyone virtually everywhere. Between…show more content…
Although the internet does have many positive effects on the growth of society, I feel as though the negative effects outweigh the positive. I feel that in many generations, my generation specifically, we were raised in a non-internet world. Technology was more of a luxury rather than a necessity. And now we are at the point where we are so reliant upon technology that we are unable to function properly without it. This has caused a severe delay in our growth as a civilization, and we need to figure out a way to make it improved for humankind. If we continue at this rate, our evolvement as a species will exist in a seemingly artificial way compared to what we once knew. Change is not a bad thing, but it needs to be done at a more operational level in order to achieve the greatest outcome
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