PAWS Research Paper

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It is a sad truth that many animals in the United States are without homes. In fact, four million cats and dogs are put down in animal shelters annually (“Pet Overpopulation”). However, there is one organization trying to change this statistic. The Progressive Animal Welfare Society is focused on giving animals a home, as well as educating the public about animal care. The Progressive Animal Welfare Society—PAWS for short—offers an array of services related to animal well-being. These services are made possible through donations, as PAWS is recognized by the government as a non-profit organization (“FAQ”). Most of the money brought in by PAWS is used for programs. In 2007, PAWS made a total income of $3,133,867 (Better Business Bureau). Out of that amount, $2,072,044—or 66.12%—of the income was used to fund PAWS’ programs (BBB). $431,589, which equates to 13.77%, of that year’s income was used for fundraising (BBB). For administrative expenses, $95,217, or 3.04%, from the year’s income was used (BBB). No money was spent on any other expense. The money that was left over from these...
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