New Years Celebration at Wagha Border

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Since my childhood, I have been celebrating New Year at my home sitting in front of TV watching the New year programs, or by wishing my friends New Year late night via sms. But, this time I celebrated my new year differently, in a very special way that I had never thought of and never planned for it. I would never forget the night of 31st December 2009 and the first day of New Year i.e.1st January 2010.

Last year we had NOSPLAN (National Organization of Student of Planning) in the SPA, Delhi, in the month of Jan ’09. This time GNDU Amritsar had hosted two-day NOSPLAN on 29 December 2009 and 1 January, 2010. On the night of 26 December, we boarded train at 2 a.m from Vijayawada station to Delhi after seeing the movie 3 idiots at a cinema hall which made our tour more enjoyable. We reached on December 28 and on the same day we had bussed to Amritsar from Lal Quila and reached there next morning, i.e. on 29th of December. We had been staying in GNDU University only. On 30th night, we had a group dance competition between the colleges. Obviously, I danced but this time with more proper rehearsal not like last time when we practiced dance just few hours before the competition and we stood 2nd runner up which was completely unexpected.

This time we knew we would come in top 3 and we came i.e., 2nd runner up again. That very night and the next morning also, I was completely absorbed in the dance performance. My mind was not taking anything and I couldn’t help as it happens to me often. Last year also when I danced with my friends I was in same situation, sank into my thoughts.

Anyway, next day i.e. on 31st December night we had DJ party in some banquet hall in Amritsar. All colleges that were present there for NOSPLAN celebrated...

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...ises of the temple. We did not enter the temple then as it was already around 10p.m. We saw the people taking the “Granth” in “Palki” from the temple to some building. Afterwards, we entered the temple when it was less crowded. People were cleaning the temple when we entered. As the temple is in the middle of water, it was a magnificent view from the temple. Lots of lighting was there. The image of illuminated temple was reflected on the water and the image of water was equally reflected on the temple wall. Somewhere around 11, we left the temple. I bought “Kadha” for my family and for me. Then we headed towards our rooms. We hit the bed as soon as we reached in the room as we were so tired and my throat needed rest.

I have never felt so privileged seeing such places. It was the most memorable New Year for me. I captured all these unforgettable moments in camera.