New Age Conspiracy Theories: The Enemies Of God And Man

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585 words

The Enemies of God and Man

It was mentioned at the outset of this book that the main heralds of the current Giants Returning doctrines are often involved in the following schemes:

Judiazing — enticing people to practice the Jewish Law.
Occult — enticing interest in the occult.
False prophecy — often they claim to have messages from God or promote prophets that are obviously NOT of God.
New Age Conspiracy Theories — these lead into the occult quite often, especially with alien doctrines.

And there are more than these, but by no coincidence these issues are paramount during the times of the giants return, since these things are either common to them or meant to be the snares by which they perish. To put it succinctly: It appears the giants (the Nephilim, the demons) are heralding their return through their own prophets, besides some ambitious Christians they’ve tricked. There is a very obvious trick which I’ve personally grown wise to. It could be illustrated this way: The devil walks up to a man and says “…watch out, the devil is coming…” …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that the main heralds of the current giants returning doctrines are often involved in schemes such as judaizing, occult, false prophecy, and new age conspiracy theories.
  • Explains that the giants (the nephilim, the demons) are heralding their return through their own prophets, besides some ambitious christians they’ve tricked.
  • Analyzes how a documentary on the subject claimed to be christian allowed traditional occultists to practice their craft for the sake of interacting with the spiritual nature of certain sites and gathering information on ancient nephilim.
  • Opines that another commentator, who was jailed for stealing a safe, is now making his share of money preaching the nephilim-returning-gospel while promoting false prophets and exorcists.
  • Analyzes how another humorous and personable man delivers an intelligent breakdown of the subject and promotes the idea of practicing the jewish law in obedience to christ.
  • Believes there is an expected return of the giants, but it is being presented as a great revelation by people who are making some very obvious mistakes and leading others into those mistakes.
  • Opines that these men love god but have temporarily lost their way due to money. they are sincere, as many are, and will be corrected.
  • Opines that the enemy of man is not man, and certainly not god. the book of enoch offers a concise and simplistic understanding of our real enemy.

This was done in collaboration. Several times traditional witch-doctors have been consulted, not merely for information purposes, but based on their connection to the spirits. Does this remind us of Saul in the book of

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