Artificial Intelligence And Power Stations

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Artificial Intelligence is a machine which can think and do work for the human. AI can have many applications and can be used anywhere in the universe. My Project is about AI in Power Stations. We will discuss about how the AI techniques can be used in power stations to increase the supply of power and everything. Power Stations have tremendous growth this can be increased more by using some AI Techniques. We even have some faults in the power stations as we make use of transformers, generators and Transmission lines. Power station is defined as the it is one of the industrial facility used to generate the power. In this they burn the fuels like coal, oil to generate the power and electricity. We have different kinds of the Stations they are Thermal power stations, Hydal power stations and nuclear power stations.
AI has its applications in many fields we will discuss about how AI techniques are used in the power stations to increase the production of the electricity and power. But for this we make use of the robots and sensors to sense the conditions all in the power station.

Power station is the place where all the electric components are placed together to produce the electricity. We can produce the electricity in many ways like hydro electric power station. In hydro electric power station the electricity is produced by allowing to run water from specific height and the turbines are placed to produce the power.
AI can have its applications in many fields like Power Stations, Hospitals and Medicine, Industry, Transportation and Games. Power stations can be of three types they are Thermal power stations, Hydal power stations...

... middle of paper ... arm used around four conductors where one hand has a camera fixed for it and the other three arms are used to do some tasks like inspection and tightening and loosening of the bolts which are loose and snake arm robot is used to reach the unreachable places even.
As we can expect many advancements in the robotics so we can have further many changes in the versions of the robots as we make use of the robots in the power stations it may also have advancements in the future and increase the sales and production of power and electricity as if we have high power supply in the city it can develop soon and in US the electricity is produced by making use of the nuclear power station.
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