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Network Security Network security is a problem that network administrators face. It is something that network administrators should keep a careful eye on. For example, if the home network does not have any security measures in place, then the person is at a high risk of data loss due to hacking. Network security is something that businesses do not take very lightly because they want to protect their valuable information and network resources from hackers. It is a problem because of unauthorized use and can be resolved by increasing the security encryption levels. Networks, including the internet, are one of the most essential things to businesses. Without computer networks, companies would be lost and would not have a way to communicate without these systems and this would cause businesses to operate slower (Network 1). Patch works of older networking systems are easier to find these days (Network 1). Starting relationships between many businesses, networks in many ways become synonymous with the groups and businesses they bring together (Network 1). Business employees, customers, and business partners would have available access to their information stored in network systems, could get to their network systems and share them easily among themselves (“Network” 1). Computer networks give their owners speed, ability to connect, and ultimately value to their users. They give possible solutions for business difficulties and issues that would not be possible to other businesses (Network 1). Computer networking systems are required for electronic communications. (Network 1) As time moves on, businesses’ spend a ton of money on computer systems that are used to manage various functions such as accounting, human resources... ... middle of paper ... ...ained. (Kolakowski 2) “Now I can create spheres where workers manage their corporate email accounts and connections to the CRM to do their real work. The advantages of that architecture is that the user has greater separation between work and personal business, and isolation enhances security.” (“10 Problems 36) In the future of network security, there will be fingerprint readers. There will also be stronger encryption levels. Lastly, there will also be facial recognition software to protect the security of networks in the future and then again some hacker will gain access to it and start hacking it once more. Network security is something that network administrators must not take lightly. They must be aware of the causes that make network security an issue. Lastly, they must be aware of the problems and solutions to issues in network security situations.

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