Essay On Threat Intelligence

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Threat intelligence is information that extends our visibility of threats beyond the edges of our network. Intelligence seeks to collect relevant information wherever it can be found for analyzing and synthesizing it into meaningful knowledge on which we can act. In today’s cyber threat landscape, intelligence can alert us to new and emerging global threats that may affect our operations. Intelligence can also help us identify vectors targeting organizations or their executives, providing the insights to help & prepare an action plan for combating threats. Threat intelligence could possibly be a system or a network or a controlled or managed entity. This entity deliberates and possesses the ability to analyze and act upon the unexpected occurrences in a system or a network. It provides complete information about a possible threat based on the environment that is kept under observation for monitoring & detecting the threats. At times, days or even months can pass before vulnerabilities in the environment are patched, thereby increasing the business risk and expanding the window of exposure. Advanced Threat Intelligence System delivers early warnings and actionable security intelligence enabling the organization to quickly protect against threats and vulnerabilities before they impact the organization. The ATI helps to reduce considerable risk by closing the window of exposure more quickly and also helps to devote more time to quickly remediate the risks most pertinent to the organization. Significance of Advanced / Global Threat Intelligence The Advanced Threat Intelligence (ATI) System / Global Threat Intelligence (GTI) System possess the advanced combating technique to analyze and detect sophisticated emerging threats looming... ... middle of paper ... ...hough hacktivists, cybercriminals and disgruntled persons represent less sophisticated and resourced threats, they still present a significant risk to the enterprise's operations, its brand, executives and employees. Conclusion Poised to make an indelible imprint in the security arena, the ATI / GTI system offers a wide gamut of benefits to the organization as explained above. Let every organization have this system in place and reap the rewards by harnessing the cumulative best of this system. Digital world is dangerous because it is silent. Feeling secured is more dangerous because it makes the organization complacent. Hence, every organization should keep taking measures towards strengthening its security on an ongoing basis. This is possible by moving on to the next security level and embracing the new security techniques. After all, a stitch in time saves nine.
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