Netflix: The Perfect at Home Movie Night

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On Saturday night, cities come alive. Roads, restaurants, bars, bowling alleys, concert venues, movie theaters and many more nighttime destinations fill to capacity. However, occasionally a person just doesn’t want to bother with the hustle and bustle of the city life. It remains questionable how one may spend the night at home, without having to venture out for supplies to keep entertained? Enter Netflix. Its convenience, value, ease of use, and available features together make Netflix the perfect way to spend a night in.
Available for a little over the past decade, Netflix is a service that allows subscribers to watch movies and television shows in the comfort of their own homes, without ever leaving home. Originally a DVD delivery by mail service only, Netflix now allows subscribers to stream movies and television shows instantly via the internet directly to their home computers, internet enabled televisions, enabled Blu-ray players, internet television streaming boxes, smartphones, tablets, and several gaming systems with internet connectivity. With the touch of a button, subscribers are able to watch their favorite movies, without ever leaving their seats from anywhere in the world. Netflix also continues to provide a DVD by mail service, which delivers movies and television shows directly to patrons’ mailboxes. At a separate cost, the DVD service can be subscribed to in addition to the streaming service or it can be purchased without the streaming service, if preferred.
Netflix is an exceptionally low cost option for in-home entertainment. At a price point of only $7.99 per month—just over a quarter per day—considering how many movies may be viewed in such time period, its unlimited streaming servic...

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...he past, as well as suggestions based on what is popular amongs others, and now there is even an option to connect to Facebook in order to see what your friends are watching.
4) Several listings of suggested movies grouped by genre.
4) A search button. Describe search function.

On the home screen for kids it includes:
1) A section with listing of child appropriate shows selected by Netflix that are either available in a series or with multiple episodes at the top. Can easily be scrolled through or navigated by young children.

Explain how Netflix automatically starts the next episode of a series at the end of an episode after 20 seconds.

2) A list of recently watched movies (does not include shows' viewed in other profiles unless they are child appropriate.)
3) Several listings of movies/series suggested based on genre.
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