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The definition of corporate culture is the beliefs and behaviors that determine how a company 's employees and management interact and handle outside business transactions (Fisher). A culture of a company can very it can be fun and relaxing or uptight and all about business what ever it is the way the company does everything from how they sell their products to how you are expected to work . A lot of people think of Google when they think of place that has good employee culture, but all the extravagant things that they offer doesn’t mean that that is the only thing that makes for a good employee culture. For example the human resource department at Netflix is more typical not offering any nap times or special foods but it offers things on a…show more content…
Netflix says that they do not need to offer as many special bonuses because as the article states” If your employees are fully formed adults who put the company first, an annual bonus won 't make them work harder or smarter" (Nisen). They believe that if they hire people who put everything into the company the pay they offer will be enough. To figure out what they should be paid Netflix went out and scouted to see what people were making in similar jobs. At Netflix they do benchmarking. Benchmarking is when a company compares its practices to the competitors (Noe489). Netflix also realizes that there workers can be scouted. So instead of getting mad they tell the people to talk to the recruiter see what they will pay them then tell the HR department because to them that information is very valued and it may end up helping in the end (Bear). One of the new and best benefits that Netflix HR now offers their employees is they have unlimited vacation days. They have this because HR helps keep track of how well they are doing and that their jobs are getting done. The feel like the workers will get more done in a faster amount of time because they will want more time off. So as long as your job is getting done to HR approval they will let you take off as much time as you…show more content…
For Netflix they use the term “high performance” to describe there standards. Everyone is expected to maintain this high performance. To do that the human resource manager is in charge of making sure everyone knows what high performance is. At Netflix the way they judge if the employees know what high performance is ask them what they could be better in , if they have no answer or a weak answer it shows that the HR department is not doing there job to relay the message of what is expected of each

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