Negative Stereotypes In Movies

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“I 've pretty much learned I can let that [being black] hinder me if I want to ... or I can fight for different kinds of roles.” This is a quote from one of the most well-known African American actresses in the film industry, Halle Berry (Halle Berry Quotes, Most people aren’t aware of the rut African-Americans in the film and television are in when it comes to the roles they play. Have you noticed that most are placed as comedic or oppressed characters? There should be more diverse acting parts for African-American characters. First, why are these characters not given more depth? Why are they stereotyped? An essay by Richard Dyer called The Role of Stereotyping explains that stereotypes are used as an “ordering process” by society to help make sense of the world around them ( Dyer 246) He also mentions that typing and stereotyping differ from each other. A “type” is just a characteristic one remembers about a certain thing and there are no modifications to it. A stereotype is when a person is based on a few traits and then this traits are hyperbolized to keep the character simple. This was…show more content…
“she” is also seen as the nurturing mammy by taking care of a drug addict in Diary of a Mad Black Woman and orphaned kids in I can Do Bad All by Myself. Helen is considered a Sapphire in Diary of a Mad Black Woman by her insults to a man trying to help her and taking revenge on her ex-husband by ripping up the expensive clothes in her closet. April from I Can Do Bad All By Myself is also a Sapphire because she has all the characteristics. For example, she sleeps with a man for pleasure and money to pay the bills. The Jezebel character is acquired by Brenda from Diary of a Mad Black Women. She is Charles mistress and has lighter skin opposed to his wife. She is with Charles just for his money. The emotion of anger is normally use to drive these
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