Negative Connotations of African Americans in Film and Television

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When you hear someone say, “no she didn’t!” who do you usually picture saying that? You picture an African American female. There are many different stereotypes depicted in the media, some positive and some negative. The main stereotype that everyone knows is typically young male/ female African American teenagers. They are portrayed as being really loud, obnoxious, ghetto, uneducated, and dangerous. This stereotype was chosen to show how negative young African Americans are betrayed. This is depicted in movies and TV shows such as Friday, Madea, Moesha, Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Love and Hip-Hop. The movie Friday depicts African Americans in a bad light. This movie is about two gut friends and everything they go through in a day, living in the hood and the only reason why it was a good day was because they did not die. First of all not every black person lives in the ghetto. Not every black person is into gang violence and drugs/weed. Another movie that has a negative connotation of black people is Madea. As comedic as all Madea movies are it also portrays a negative side of blac...

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