Nature vs Nurture: Do Genes Or Environment Matter More?

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As humans, we have the ability to adapt to our environment and surroundings. We have all tried to hide our true personality in order to be accepted, and have imitated other people. A person’s personality changes as they are exposed to different situations. Since the person changed, one will find a new way to deal with different situations. After, they might influence their friends to change as well. However, the changes could be on the good side or the bad side. This is how nurture changes us over time. Nurture is the environment that we live in and is the dominant factor of one’s personality. Through the changes from nurture, we change our views on different situations and behaviours from family influence, peer pressure, and culture.

To begin with, family influence has several things to do with our nurture and it is also how we got your personality in the first place. Families are seen everyday in life for most. Since they are seen the most, what they do the person is the most sure about because he probable seen it happen more than just once. Seeing our parents, everyday of our lives and watching what they do and how they act, one will most likely follow. When we were little, parents were like our hero and that when we grow up we want to be just like them. Also, we may imitate our older siblings because if we see how they succeed or what they did that is the best. We would act like our older siblings because we would want to succeed also. So, family influence can change one’s personality because there are great influences and are close by.

Next, peer pressure influences us to do things that are different, which alters your personality. In a society there are different thing that are considered good and bad socially. Our fri...

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... totally different, like in some places it is okay to swear and use it as an everyday language but, in some places you can’t even say the slightest swear words because you would offend people by doing that. Also being honest is a belief one can set to go by. A thing that Canada has that is different is saying “Eh” in their sentences, so if you stay in Canada long enough you would start saying that to, eh.

In conclusion, we see above that nature is the dominant factor in influencing one’s personality. When there are different situations a human will adapt to that situation and take part of it. Nurture can change the way you react and treat people because nurture is the environment. The factors that control your personality are family influence, peer pressure, and culture. Each is a large part for how they can change one’s personality since they are one’s nurture.
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