National Drug Control Strategy Analysis

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There is most likely no doubt in anyone’s mind that America has a drug problem. However, there is not just one thing that makes drugs in America a problem. The problem has many different things involved, and is a very complicated problem. Doing drugs is a problem for the person taking them, the family, and the community. These include health issues for the person and family taking drugs to deal with. The community not only has to deal with many of these same issues involving the drug taker, but it also has to deal with drug takers driving on the streets, working at places we go to, and teaching our children at schools, recreation centers, or day care. The education, prevention, and treatment of taking drugs are problems that take time …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Opines that america has a drug problem, but it has many different things involved, including health issues, crime, delinquency, and incarceration.
  • Explains that the "war on drugs" was started under president nixon in 1973 and has cost billions of dollars over the years. they conclude that a more effective strategy would be to focus on helping drug users not take drugs in the first place.
  • Explains that hart, ray, and ksir suggest ways to prevent people doing drugs, such as teaching them this in schools, providing them with opportunities to be more involved in the community or church and treating people if they decide to take drugs.
  • Opines that the primary level is doing things to make sure people don't take drugs in the first place. those trying to help prevent drug use need to anticipate any problems before they pop up.
  • Explains that the secondary level involves helping drug users as quickly as possible once they find out that they are taking drugs. they need to be taught about the dangers of long-term drug use.
  • Explains that the tertiary level is similar to the secondary level but it is much more intense and it has to be done over a much longer period of time.
  • Opines that the dare program should have been kept going into middle school and high school because this is where kids really get introduced to drugs.

One of the first and most widely known attempts to solve the drug problem is the “War on Drugs.” This was started under President Nixon in 1973 and has cost billions of dollars over the years. Further, the “war” has gone from a war on drugs to a war on those taking the drugs (Hart, C. L., Ray, O., & Ksir, C., 2015). In reading the National Drug Control Strategy, one can conclude that a more effective strategy in fixing the drug problem in the United States would be to focus more on helping drug users not take drugs in the first place. However, if people do take drugs, there must be strategies to help them deal with their drug issues and maybe even quit taking drugs. This would be a “prevention” strategy. According to Hart, Ray, and Ksir, there are three things involved with a prevention strategy: Supply reduction, demand reduction, and harm reduction. Supply reduction is very important in the three reductions. This would include anything from passing laws to make it difficult to get drugs, getting penalized for taking drugs, and stopping the production of or rounding up the drugs any way possible to get rid of the drugs ( This can be an effective part of dealing with the drug problem in America. On the website, it states that the supply and demand way of thinking does not work with the war on drugs. They are more about dealing with the demand and harm

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