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Identify the words “ perfect crime”? Is it possible to have a perfect crime happen? In this paper I will be discussing how those words became an topic of discussion back in the late 1920’s. How two brilliant teenage boys attempt to commit this “perfect crime”. Nathan Lepold a wealthy and very intelligent young man had an IQ of 200 as well as exceed in everything he came near to. Richard Loeb also wealthy and very smart was the top of his game as well. Both teens were from the Kenwood area of Chicago IL. They were different in the sense Richard Loeb who is more outgoing and always the center of attention was known for his wild boy behavior. In other hands you had Nathan Lepold the bookworm the lonely one with a shy personality. As the two teens continue to grow more successful in their lives ; they eventually cross paths one day. You would think their different personalities would match each other life style. You have Nathan Lepold the nerd less attractive type of fellow and then there’s this big burst of energy and very handsome Richard Loeb who are now friends and are almost inseparable. Nathan Lepold was a follower he was very clever he just needed someone to lead him. Richard Loeb who needed no one to have fun was Nathan leader and Nathan was ok with. It was like these two boys from Chicago …show more content…

On that forsaking day Lepold and Loeb kidnapped a youthful 14 year old boy named Bobby Franks Loeb lured the boy to the vehicle it was told that they were distant cousins. Franks felt safe to approach the car since both him and Loeb practice tennis. While Franks is proceeding to get enter the front seat of the car he is suddenly struck by a chisel in the temple and that was repeated of several times Franks was bludgeoned to death. The very next day Bobby Franks body was discovered in a culvert area again Franks was only 14 years old when he died to a senseless act of

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