Nat Turner Reflection

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Have you discovered what your purpose in life is? Have you ever felt as if you were the chosen one? Like you were predestined to be someone great and fulfil a meaningful purpose in life? Well, Nat turner did. On October 2, 1800, Nat Turner was born into slavery on the Travis plantation in Southampton County, Virginia. From a young age many knew and believed he was a special boy. For Nat Turner taught himself how to read and write. Nat Turner’s master, Joseph Travis believed that young Nat would be nothing but trouble due to his “uncommon intelligences.” His master was right. Once the plantation got a new overseer, Turner ran away and hid in the woods for 30 days. He later comes back because he feels as if the spirit told him to
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He did not just sit back and embrace chattel slavery, but in fact, he fought to abolish it. Nat Turner was one of the very first to take a major stand against bondage. Still to this day, he is considered to be a hero to the African American race. Without the brave actions of Nat Turner, blacks could possibly still be in bondage. Many may feel as if Turner shaped this era, but I strongly feel as if he was a product of this time. African American’s should appreciate the efforts displayed by Nat Turner because he led one of the first bloodiest and effective slave rebellions, transformed American history, and lastly, brought fear throughout the United…show more content…
They killed women, men, and children with axes, knives, and hatchets. As they went door to door, they left behind butchered bodies. From the houses, they stole horses, money, ammunition and weapons. As they went door to door through the streets of Virginia, they also exonerated slaves. They murdered infants in their sleep and cast their remains in the fire. They chopped the victim’s bodies up into pieces and left the remains for all to see. As these two days went on, you can see the anger that was built inside these slaves. These African Americans were on a mission to be free and they would do anything to seek it. In August of 1843, Henry Highland Garnet gave a speech titled “Call of Rebellion” at a National Negro Convention. In this inspirational speech Garnett addresses rebellion and how African Americans should take actions to generate a change. "Brethren, arise, arise! Strike for your lives and liberties. Now is the day and the hour. Let every slave throughout the land do this, and the days of slavery are numbered. You cannot be more oppressed than you have been -- you cannot suffer greater cruelties than you have already. Rather die freemen than live to be slaves. Remember that you are FOUR MILLIONS!" I believe this is the same concept Nat Turner believed in. If you want a change, you have to
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