Nat Turner Essay Outline

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Nat Turner was an enslaved African American who led what was called the “Nat Turner’s Slave Rebellion” where slaves and free blacks who were located in Southampton County, Virginia. This rebellion took place on August 21, 1831, and as a result at least fifty-five whites were murdered. All of those who took part in this rebellion were to be executed, including Nat Turner. While Nat Turner was awaiting execution he was interviewed for two months by a man named Thomas Ruffin Gray, a wealthy lawyer and slave owner himself. Thomas Gray’s purpose for writing “The Confessions of Nat Turner” was to put what Nat Turner said into writing and for it to be published. Thomas Grey narrates in first person with hopes that it would imitate Turner’s own voice…show more content…
He was living with a white man named Mr. Joseph Travis. Turner claims he was a good man to him, and he could not complain of the way he was treated by Mr. Travis. (pg. 12.). Yet he still decided that it was his duty among others to take this man’s life who treated him respectively. Turner killed Mr. Travis, and his family of 5 except for an infant who was in its cradle and they had not known about it. (pg. 12.).
After killing several other white family slave owners, Turner and his crew were approached by 18 men who appeared to be under the rule of Captain Alexander P. Peete. When he realized who he was dealing with he tried to get his men to run, but some were shot as a result of trying to escape when they had been caught. Most of the white families had fled so there was no one left for them to murder. (pg. 16.)
Turner went through all of this because he claims it was the Lord’s calling for him. I believe there was something mentally wrong with Turner because of this. He must have been so fed up with how slaves were being treated he had these irrational thoughts about killing these people, including his own owner who had done no harm upon him. Back then slavery was the norm, but no I do not see it as the slaves had to accept that. I see it as the white men and women should either one, have seen it coming and to be prepared, or two not own slaves
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He kept saying that it had to do with what he felt the Lord wanted him to do for his fellow slave friends, but I do not feel like he was completely right in the head and I feel like he needed to do what he did for his own well-being. He obviously thought he was serving the Lord by doing so, but when you think about it logically you cannot declare someone right in the mind after something like this. Committing horrendous murders as an act to show the Lord how you think you have to serve him is completely contradictory. He could have used the whole “Lord’s will” as an excuse for his wrongful actions, but why else would he have any reason to kill these people if they had not done him
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