Myanmar Refugee Essay

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The perilous life of a Myanmar refugee, from their home to an unknown destination, makes the exodus a crisis rather than an emigration problem. The seemingly never ending cycle of displacement, travel, unintended end point, and deportation back to the home of origin has the people locked into the status of refugee (Parnini, 73). Each milestone of transit incurs new horrors that force hard choices to be made to move towards the next threat. This paper examines the hazards and dehumanization that Myanmar refugees face along their endless journey and the attempts to ease their suffering while traveling around this circle of suffering. It is suggested that more emphasis, than is currently placed, be made upon breaking the cycle. These following…show more content…
Chan comes from. She continues her report to the United Nations (UN) about the history of the region’s economy, natural resources, and civil unrest. This lays the groundwork for how the Country and its regions fell into such deep despair. The plundering of natural resources has increased since hostilities of a civil war ended in February 1994 (Chan, 2). The negative externalities of over harvesting natural resources have been ignored for corporate and government greed. Chemical agents and hazardous runoff from mining operations has ravage unchecked by authorities. Many laws are pathetically out of date or are never enforced. The influx of foreign employees has overwhelmed the infrastructure. Illicit drugs, prostitution, gambling, and land confiscations abound without law enforcement’s ability or concern to stop them. The desperation of the local residents to flee this situation has opened the black market to human trafficking and sexual exploitation. A very demeaning to a proud ethnic group with a long history in…show more content…
The report on the country opens on how Myanmar has gone backwards in progress towards equal human rights for the Rohingya. The discrimination was described as the government’s conscious ignorance of the sectarian violence plaguing the area. This violence has restricted humanitarian aid from reaching the refugees and prevented the Rohingya from returning to their homes. The basic human right to shelter and food has been taken away in Myanmar so the Rohingya look to other places to
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