My Zombie Story

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The day started like that of any other these last couple of weeks. Mysterious incidents kept popping up in the news, of small groups going mad and becoming savage. Life was like that in Lampeter. Very little going on in town, whilst the whole world around us lives with a constant stream of danger. Some people were getting worried, afraid it was some sort of virus going around, but that happens all the time. One small case of a disease and the world’s in an epidemic. Happened with bird flu, E-coli, and we had just got over the joys of swine flu. Now this. Some people were becoming wary, uneasy around other people, fears of catching this mystery virus afflicting the nation and forcing its way into people’s minds. The unfortunate thing was, those people were right to be worried. The news of more and more small outbreaks began to spread, slowly passing through Wales, getting seemingly closer and closer to the small town of Lampeter. There were news reports of outbreaks in Aberystwyth and Llandovery. Through Brecon, and even going as far up as Bangor and even Snowdonia was affected. Lampeter seemed to be one of the few safe havens left in all of Wales. What no-one had seemingly picked up on was these weren’t just random attacks of a virus. This was the dreaded Solanum virus, unheard of by most, but best known by its nickname. The zombie virus. For years, decades, millennia even, people had been dealing with the likes of this virus, but none seemed as effective in stopping the virus as a simple gun shot to the head. If only I had known all of this at the time. My name is Bill Jones, and I am a zombie. Sort of. Most zombies are stereotypically seen as shambling creatures, mindless in all senses, never being tired, and... ... middle of paper ... ...d shot and I was a goner. Unless I can show some form of consciousness. Maybe they’ll yell stop, the humans that it, and I will. They would understand I’m different. But that could result in being captured. It was worth the risk. My final weakness? My hunger. That hunger was incredibly powerful; it consumed my being in its entirety. I needed to eat when the hunger set in. It was going to be risky, but well worth the risk, if only to save as much of humankind as possible from the likes of my kind. Hopefully Amanda will walk away ok. She’s a fighter at heart. She’s strong and sure and good willed. I just hope I won’t have to cross paths with her again. It might be too much to bear for either of us. My story is just beginning, and I know I will have to deal with all sorts of problems before my journey is through. Wish me luck. The human race depends on it.
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