The Great Plague

“Ring around the rosy pocket full of posy.” Most people think of this as just a childhood rhyme. In reality it is a rhyme about the Black Death. The Black Death was a horrendous and infectious disease that killed millions of people in the 1300’s. This plague effect the people n Europe in such a way that people believed god and even nursery rhymes punished them were made up about it. It is probably one of the worst catastrophes that have happened in the history of medicine.
The first documented plague was in Justinian, which began in 541 A.D. The plague had disappeared in the 700 A.D. and didn’t return until 1328. (History) When the plague had returned it hit China first, then it made its way to England in 1348. It’s stayed in England until 1350. (lordsandladies)
Black Death got its name from the effects on society and the fact that they thought is was a punishment from god. (History) Even though its called was called Black Death most people knew it better as the plague.
After the plague had past it kill one in five people. It had killed over 35 million people in China. The plague had also killed 20 million people in Europe almost one third of the population. (eyewitnesstohistory) They think that the plague killed up to 10,000 people a day. Which in the end had killed over 75 million people altogether.
The spread of the plague was being moved by trade routes, animals, and in the air. Even though is was getting moved in many ways most people to get the plague were poor and middle class not very many rich people had got the plague. (History) People were not the only thing that got affected by the plague many animals did to. A few of the animals to get infected were mice, camels, chipmunks, prairie dogs, rabbits and squirrels. But t...

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