My Swimming Experience

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The sound of the buzzer awakened me from my nervous daze as I dove into the tepid waters for the 500-meter freestyle race. The pool that was previously so lifeless erupted into a chaotic state of water dancing all around and the hushed voices from before were now behind audible. Every stroke for me drown out the noises from my surrounding. Eventually, I was left with only my thoughts. While I swam I felt myself caressing the waters in serenity and listening to my breathing technique. When I first joined the swim team, I wasn’t expecting much of an improvement in my swimming ability. Since my fear of drowning from early childhood onto my ability to only handle shallow water. There wasn’t much progress. My coach was persistent and with the help of my teammates, I found myself challenged in a …show more content…

I became part of another team of individuals who cared about helping people at their worst and most vulnerable times. I learned how to serve food to people without making them feel like less of a person and with respect and dignity. I learned to listen to their stories and experienced their appreciation. Working at the Inn made me realize just like in the medical field you see all sorts of individuals and their problems that need to be addressed in a manner that is most convenient to them. Nutrition and shelter is an important part of life and as a doctor I want to make sure that I will treat the needs of my patients with utmost care. Some people that came to the soup kitchen were reluctant for me to carry the food tray for their children. We had to carefully serve with food allergies or certain medical conditions like diabetes. We assisted the disabled individuals making sure they were comfortable as they ate and nobody stole their

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  • Describes how working at the mary brennan inn made them realize that nutrition and shelter is an important part of life.
  • Explains how their ability to assist the guests of the soup kitchen came from the certified nurse's aide (cna) course that they had taken a few months back.
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