My Senior Trip

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Every senior looks forward to an amazing, and unforgettable senior trip. This trip represents the celebration of so many struggles, and hard work over the four years of high school. For others it might be the great joy of going out of state for the first time, and this time with no parents coming along. For me it turned out to be a surprise because I had no idea I was going to graduate early, for which I was able to assist. Yet for me, my senior trip turned out to be and adventure due to the many struggles I had to go through and the surprises it led to. “Okay now, so is everyone here and ready to go?” asked Koko; the clubs organizer at south Pointe high school, he is and African American male with long black hair…show more content…
It was a very cloudy day and a prognostication of 99% chance of rain. The wind was soft, chill and it slowly started to frizz as soon as we were entering the amusement park. I was of course with my best friend Kenya, she is an amazing person whom I can’t go anywhere without her or else is not as fun. After entering the park, we automatically made out way onto the first ride called, Tsunami; That roller coaster was just awesome even though I hit the back of my head twice with the back of the roller coaster seat. After the Tsunami we make our way to the worst ride called, the Tatsu, In which unfortunately I began to feel sick again but I refuse to tell my friend until we were finally on the ride. While in the ride I remember the wind blowing so hard on my face, I felt as if my skin color was blown away from it, because of how bad I was feeling. I remember feeling weak, nauseous, and I’m not sure if I fainted or not during the ride. When getting off I felt as if all my energy was blown away too, but I didn’t want to cause much attention and I don’t know how I managed to walk away. My feet felt stiff and my hands were cold, my face felt pale and my head was swirling. My friends thought it was just a matter of sickness caused by the ride so they took me to a log ride. I went along because I thought it would relax me and it would cause the pain to go away but instead it just worsened my…show more content…
Our vice principle then decided to just drive the charter bus to the entrance and see if anyone could see them or if not to call the police, but when we got there it turned out that they had been waiting there for us to come for them. We were all so mad but relieved that they were back in the bus because that meant that we could go to the hotel and go eat. It was seven thirty by that time and unfortunately the driver decide to take a creepy road which took forever to get to the hotel. We arrived around eight-thirty to

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