My Role in the Air Force

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In this essay, I will discuss my role in the Air Force. As background, I will discuss how my values led me to select the Air Force as a career choice. In addition, I will highlight my personally significant Air Force experiences/assignments to date. Finally, I will cover what I see as my contribution to the Air Force at the “micro” and “macro” levels. Starting in high school, I liked many of the aspects the military had to offer. One thing that really drew me to the military was equality. From my perspective, the military seemed the most merit-based of work environments. In the military, especially in the enlisted ranks, you know what you have to do to get promoted. I really liked that about the military. At the time, I did not want my vocational successes or failures to be determined by someone’s opinion. I wanted to be in control. This tied directly into one of my most important values: equality. Secondly, choosing the military afforded me independence. Joining the military would mean I would have to leave the proverbial nest and strike out on my own. This connected to my values of accountability and responsibility. I would no longer be dependent on my family to take care of me. I would be completely responsible for sustaining myself. My life was in my hands. I liked that. Finally, in terms of values, the military afforded me a chance serve a greater purpose. It seems throughout my adolescence I gravitated to organizations that served the greater good. For example, I was a boy scout, I played sports in school, etc. To me, there was nothing like being part of a team and giving your all. It was great to see my contribution and my teammates’ contributions manifest itself in success. Eventually, my val... ... middle of paper ... ...rmitory, hangar, or dental clinic, they often call on us. Without our analyses, our customer would have a very difficult time competing for funding. In other examples, we also try to improve efficiencies at bases by building tools to aid them manage their civilian pay and reimbursement programs. Small picture, we provide a capability the base lacks, either in terms of manpower or time; big picture, our studies aid decision makers at the top of the very top of the Air Force, to make fiscally sound decisions and reap the greatest benefits for the Air Force. To summarize, I related how my personal values led me to join the military and eventually become an Air Force officer. I also highlighted my most personally significant assignments to date. Finally, I concluded this essay by discussing how I contribute to the Air Force at both the “micro” and “marco” levels.
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