My Resilience Essay

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Islam, stands as the spiritual root of my resilience. Whatever the almighty does has a perfect meaning and he and only Him knows what he is doing. Concerning my emotion, they have failed to provide me a deep root, I simply can not use emotion to actually build up my resilience, however, playing on my psychological root can support both psychological and emotional roots. Today, I can say that I am an optimistic person. I trained my brain to actually pursue a goal whatever difficulty it encounters, and today it works. My cultural root are based on the idea that a man is only successful outside the household. Having this idea in mind, I have to always be excellent and successful, even in difficult moment. I have to find positivity and if
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I am learning how to analyse my emotions, my desires and my personality. I learn to try to do new things, like dancing, taking leadership position, be vulnerable to people, ask for help, appreciate and embrace diversity, see the beauty in all sort of communication, interacting with people. I leant to develop my personal value which stand for Respect, Family, Excellence, Motivation, Self awareness. I can give my sefl 9/10
For my life purpose, i am confused about my direction. I am lost on my way. I want' class='brand-secondary'>want and actually need to actually be guided into finding a purpose for my life. The issue is that the fact that I see big and that there is a lot of opportunities. I am confused about the amount of opportunity that is open to me and this liberal world I am in. I think I score 5/10.
My relationship with people stand to be progressive, I am able to be more accessible to people and be able to value the personality of each others. I am able to be vulnerable, be warm and care about others struggle. I have meaningful friendship and I feel I can count on most of them. However my new challenge will be to understand and create meaningful friendship in this new environment. I can give myself a
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