My Quest To Gain Mindfulness

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My life quest is to gain mindfulness. Mindfulness means to be aware of what is around you and having control of your actions, and thoughts at the same time. In other terms: paying attention in a particular way. Being open to many options and comparing it to your own opinions. Also living in the moment with focus of your surroundings and your doing. All of these phrases help describe what mindfulness is. This 3 syllable word can also mean perseverance, charity, and living life to the fullest.

Perseverance is one of the most important qualities in life. Being able to push yourself through hard times ,and motivating your mind to keep on gaining knowledge. Ever since I was a little girl, I was encouraged to become a doctor. I didn’t know why, but i was just just encourage to. After my 12 th birthday, I found out that my mom had Colon Cancer. I had cried myself to sleep that night, wondering if she is going to make it or not. I have 6 siblings, 4 brothers, two sisters, not including me. Luckily it was just the first stage of cancer, she was able to have surgery and Chemotherapy done. During therapy the antibiotics that were given were strong. She had a rash on her arm, lost a great amount of hair, and was in pain the whole time. She fought through it ,because us kids were the reason why she wanted to live. After 3 years, chemotherapy was a success. Thanks to all of the doctors and nurses they have saved my mom’s life and answer the question I had since a little girl. I want to achieve the goal of becoming a doctor to make an impact on others’ life and give back to the community, by helping kids and adults achieve a long lasting life.

Charity is the voluntary giving of help. Being a doctor to me is giving b...

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...ght my dad brought me home and he left to go watch over my mom in the hospital. I explain the situation to all of my sibling I remember my younger sister crying and my baby sister asking: “where is mom? Is mommy going to come home?”

Finally three weeks after she was feeling better, i still remember the doctor making a statement before I left the hospital. He said to me in front of my mom, “ You are one lucky daughter, your mom was suppose to be death, her spirit should have left her body, she was supposed to be dead ever since I brought her into the hospital. I don’t know ,but your mom is one strong lady.” I said I thank you, and left with mom. From that day on I spend everyday trying to be with my family, and working hard through school, giving back to the community to say thank you, living everyday like it is my last. Lastly is trying to be mindful.

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