My Personal Experience Of Sandy Hook

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I was lounging around my living room making plans for my weekend when I first heard the news anchors reporting live from Newtown, Connecticut. I was anxiously awaiting the end of my first semester of high school when a classroom full of first graders lost their lives at Sandy Hook Elementary School. I was just a child on December 14, 2012 when the sanctity of the American education system changed forever. In the weeks that followed the Sandy Hook Massacre, our country was left grappling with the reality of what had happened. All across the country reporters, politicians, and public safety officials were analyzing, calculating, and reconstructing that fateful morning. For the rest of us, the parents, students, and teachers in schools across the country, the recovery process was much different. We were still just trying to make sense of it all, a nearly impossible task in the face of such incomprehensible and senseless loss. By comparing my own personal experience of Sandy Hook an article released in The Christian Science Monitor, it became obvious that in the weeks following the shooting, the media released analytical articles that considered the technical successes and failures of the security measures in place at Sandy Hook and around the country. This analytical writing is different from sentimental pieces for good reason; analytical pieces look at real data that can be taken to legislative bodies and used to draft new laws. My own experience of sentimentality was part of my grieving process as a new high school student, but sentimentality does not provide closure on a national scale. It can politicize victims when what the survivors need is reform that stems from analytical writing and facts, not thoughts and prayers. Wheth... ... middle of paper ... ...n elementary school. For me, the tragedy in Newtown was not a situation I felt removed from. While the people and places in The Christian Science Monitor article were working professionals in far off office headquarters, the people and places in my narrative were real, poignant, and genuinely affected by the events of that Friday in December. December 14, 2012 was a day that changed my life forever. My version of the Sandy Hook shooting is something I will always carry with me because I could no longer believe that the people in my life would be in my life forever. I realized life could be taken away in a second. My narrative is different from the media coverage of the event in tone, characters, and setting because it could have been me. For me, Sandy Hook was a loss of faith in the sanctity of my surroundings, not a crime scene or piece of legislation to analyze.

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