My Love In Love: A Love Of Love

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I always thought that to be truly over someone you had fallen in love with that you either had to feel nothing at all towards them or have a strong sense of dislike for them. With Tyler neither of those emotions was working for me at all. What I hadn’t realized before was that there is a type of love beyond what we can imagine that is separate from current situations and feelings.
When I met Tyler he had just begun playing guitar in my church’s praise band, in the moment I thought he was very cute with his long blond hair and bright blue eyes but never thought anything would ever come from it, nevertheless I introduced myself through a mutual friend at the college the following week. The semester ended and we discovered we had a class together that fall, over the course of the summer we grew closer and closer as friends and it wasn’t long before I was entirely smitten with the blue eyed musician boy and he seemed to return the sentiment in all of its entirety. The first few weeks of that Fall semester was some of the best of my life as we saw each
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His face showed pure delight when I uttered the words, his eyes lit up and he flashed me one of those incredible smiles complete with dimples that he used to always give me in the past. But although his face said yes, his mouth said no. He made a dozen excuses that conflicted with each other ranging from not wanting to date in college to having another girlfriend. But the one excuse that sounded genuine was “You don’t want me, I’m too complicated”.
That day was one defining moment in my life, yes, I went into a period of darkness and rejection but also it began a new period in my life of courage and truth, I had stepped way out of my comfort zone and risked it all for love, I knew that to ever have an honest relationship with Tyler I had to put it out there, so I would never wonder “What
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