My Life: The Influence Of A Change In Life

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A change in life can be healthy or unhealthy for a person. I feel like everyone needs a reminder that our lives count on this earth and we are all important because we change each other. When we have an influence on someone’s life, we can either make or break each other. We as a human race shouldn’t take each other’s lives, emotions and more as a joke. How would we really feel if a person changed one of our lives and it wasn’t what we were expecting? How would we feel, think, or act? It’s so crazy because we really won’t know until it happens. We all have someone that has or will influence us throughout life. I know one person that truly made a difference in my live and that was my grandmother Earnestine Boyd. Having my grandmother in my life, made me listen, and learn.Also, taught me how to forgive and help me understand that everyone goes through obstacles ,and those obstacles may push anybody to go in the wrong direction.

I was born on February 23, 1997 in Atlanta, Georgia at Grady Health System. Two days later, after my birth I was brought to my grandmother 's’ house. That was the first time I ever looked in my grandmother’s
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Forgiveness is not only used for someone else but it is also used for you. How can we forgive someone and we haven’t forgiven ourselves? My grandmother told me people make mistake and everyone should always have a second chance. So on December 6, 2013 I forgave someone. It all started when a lady named Cherish Lean was driving her car back home while intoxicated. She was so drunk she didn’t even remember what she had did on the previous night. The previous night she had hit my mom, grandmother and my aunt car’s. I was so mad because my family didn’t know who came and destroyed their cars and left. Seeing my family devastated that morning after it happened broke my heart, so I wanted to get back at the person that did
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