My Leadership Philosophy

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I believe that there are many meanings to the word “leadership”. There is not just one way to describe it. It can be such a powerful and influential thing. Leadership has an impact on everyone’s lives whether they realize it or not. It doesn’t matter what you do, leadership has an impact on your life in some way or another. To me, the definition of leadership would be a person who chooses to lead. Someone who is confident in there decisions, works well with others and it capable of motivating people to take on tasks that they might normally find impossible. They also have to be someone that people respect and would be willing to listen to. Leadership also means that you have to take a risk. A leader never knows exactly what is going to happen and sometimes things may not work out for the best. When this happens the leader is usually to blame. This is just one of the many risks a leader must take when he or she chooses to lead. A leader must also be understanding and open to the people around him. Just because they are the leader does not mean that they have to do it alone. A leader should always be willing to listen to those around him and take into consideration the thoughts and ideas of others. One of the last things a leader must be willing to do is accept failure. It doesn’t matter when or where but at some point a leader will fail. This does not mean that they give up and pass the role of leader on to someone else; it means that they learn from it and use it as a lesson for the future.
As for me personally, some of my greatest inspirations come from my own family. My Uncle Terry, who has recently completed his doctorate, is a great leader. He has a wife; two adopted children, and still managed to reach his...

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... discouraged. As a leader, never be afraid to take a risk to accomplish something great and even if you fail, hold your head high. If you think you would be a good leader and you are confident in yourself, then the next time you get a chance to be a leader, take it. Always remember to listen to those you lead. Just because you are the leader does not mean that every decision you make has to be made all alone. Remember to be inspiring to those you lead and motivate them if times get tough. Also remember to encourage others to come forward with their abilities and talents. Motivate them to step up and take on a challenge. The final thing in my philosophy is to do what makes you happy. It doesn’t matter if it is being a janitor or a brain surgeon. If it’s what you really want to do and you are happy to go to work everyday then everything else will just fall into place.
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