My Journey to Literacy

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My first experience to literacy came as a young adult. I have always been reluctant with my education, because of the family problems I experienced growing up. The harsh treatment our family received growing up made it very difficult to study in school, my body was physically in class but my mind was not. The trials and tribulations I went through growing up as a kid continued throughout my teenage years. Dropping out of high school I believe brought upon literacy difficulty. At the age of twenty-three, I finally had enough of feeling undereducated. Living in my mother’s basement with no job and an 8th grade education, the walls started to close in on me as my frustration became greater by the minute.

I knew at some point I needed to make a serious change, so I inquired about a local GED program. One of the biggest challenges for me was finding time to study, or develop a daily study routine. Without an understanding of existing knowledge and abilities, it was difficult to map a study plan. So I first determine the knowledge and skills I already had, along with the ones important for the test. Measuring my abilities would also determine my skills and weaknesses, and identify areas for study. I was afraid of the GED test, thinking it would be too hard. At this point in my life I had a part time job earning minimum wage, my first child was on the way and I did not have time for classes. Plus, I had a hard time in school and was not looking forward to another classroom. In order to pass the GED you need to average 450 points, I took the test and I had mixed feelings about it seeing I did not go past the 8th grade. Math was first it went really well, I felt that I got the majority of the questions right. Writing/Essay (lite...

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...nefited from literacy by the increase in our financial security. I have a long road ahead of me as writing is not a strong subject of mine. For the past eleven years of my life literacy has gotten me far in life, with my current position as a paramedic on Detroit Fire Department. Literacy is extremely important as I document run reports or give out medication. I believe sentence structure and grammar play a vital role as one my job duties. Giving the correct amount of medication also play key roles with literacy, knowing how to read and calculate the proper dosage. My experiences with literacy brought me to a place today where I am proud of my accomplishments, and looking forward to a career where literacy can help me grow. I am aware that the road is long and there’s a lot I need to learn, but without my GED/literacy I would not be in the position I am in today.
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